About 'Le 6 Mai 2012'

"Le 6 Mai 2012 - a day in the life of" was created by Basile Simon, Massimo Paradiso, Michael Ertl and Paul Adenot.

What do you remember from the French presidential election in 2012?
Francois Hollande won, yes. Anything else?

We didn't either, that's why we created "Le 6 Mai - a day in the life of" as an interactive way to re-experience that day.

Follow a campaigner through his day and use his flat as a hub to choose what you would like to find out more about: the TV news in the morning, Twitter feeds, President Hollande's first speech and celebrations in Place de la Bastille.

Our project showcases that all elements of a video can be interactive - no matter if they are moving or not. Our aim is to prove that non-linear web documentaries don't have to rely on still images to separate different sections.

We created a JavaScript library that allows us to track the movement of objects in a video frame by frame. By clicking on the objects, you can trigger whatever we or you implement: opening a link, showing a pop-up window or playing another full-screen video.

"We" - that is the French-Italian-German connection of Basile Simon, Massimo Paradiso, Michael Ertl and Paul Adenot.

Massimo and Michael are our storytellers, responsible for enriching the content of a linear narrative. Basile and Paul took on the technical part and created a library that might be valuable for other documentary filmmakers as well.

"Le 6 Mai - a day in the life of" is a proof of concept to show what the future of web documentaries and storytelling online could look like. Our project is by no means final: Just imagine you could not only follow one person, but relive a historic day with different people.

The code is open source and can be found on Github. This proof of concept was built for demonstration purposes, we do not hold the copyright for all the footage used.

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries or feedback!